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shock verb pain and injury caused by a flow of electricity through a person’s body.
shock adjective He was in shock after the accident.
shoot verb v0 to wound or kill with a bullet or other weapon. The hunters shot the birds.
shoot verb v0 to take pictures with a camera. She shoots lots of animal photographs.
short adjective not lasting a long time. The movie was very short.
short adjective not having enough of something. We are one playing card short.
shower verb a short, sudden rain
shower verb a sudden fall of something in large quantities. A shower of meteors.
shuffle verb v0 to move by dragging your feet along the ground.
shutter noun the part of a camera inside the lens that opens and closes to allow light to fall onto the film.
side noun v0 the outside surfaces of something, but not the front or back. A car viewed from the side
side noun v0 a team or group of people that is against another group Which side are you on?
sight noun something that can be seen. The ship was a fine sight as it sailed up the river.
sign verb v0 to use sign language to communicate with people who have hearing difficulties.
sign noun v0 a movement that expresses a meaning. He nodded his head as a sign that he wanted to leave.
sign noun v0 a public notice that gives information A road sign.
signal noun the electrical current by which sounds and pictures are transmitted to radios, televisions, and telephones.
silver adjective the color of the metal silver.
simple adjective v0 plain
sing verb to perform by singing. She is singing in an opera.
sink verb v0 to go down slowly. The Sun sank below the horizon.
sit verb to rest or be positioned.
sit verb to pose for something. She sat for her portrait.
sketch noun a short play.
skip verb to jump over a turning rope.
skip verb to pass over or leave something out deliberately. We’ll skip the next question.
slide noun a transparent photo in a cardboard or plastic frame.
slip verb to slide or fall over by accident. He slipped in the mud.
slow adverb v0 behind the time This watch is 5 minutes slow
smart adjective well-dressed. He looked very smart in his new suit