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scrap verb anything that is worn out or no longer of any use. The cars were sold as scrap
scratch noun to rub skin with fingernails or claws to stop it from itching.
screen noun a barrier that is used to hide, separate, or protect something. She dressed behind a screen.
screen noun the part of a computer or television on which the picture or text appears.
script noun handwriting
seal noun a piece of paper or wax that is used to mark something or to close it so that you can tell whether it has been opened.
season noun a particular part of the year The football season starts next week.
secure verb safe and confident. My baby brother needs his teddy bear to help him feel secure.
sense noun a feeling. A sense of disappointment
sense noun reasonable decisions or good judgment. She has a lot of sense.
sensitive adjective easily upset or hurt. His skin was very sensitive where he had been burned.
sentence noun a punishment decided by a judge in a court of law. He received a four-year prison sentence.
series noun v0 a television or radio show that is broadcast in regular episodes, or a set of novels about the same characters.
serious adjective not smiling or laughing. A serious expression.
serious adjective worrying or dangerous. The fallen tree caused serious damage to the roof
serve verb to start play in games such as tennis by hitting the ball to your opponent.
service noun employment in the armed forces or in a public organization. Military service.
service noun the supply of something that helps or serves people. A telephone service.
set verb v0 to decide or determine a limit, time, or date. She set the party for Friday.
set verb v0 to go below the horizon. The Sun sets in the west.
settle verb v0 to decide or agree about something without any doubts. Settle an argument.
severe adverb strict or hard. The rock face was a severe test for the climbers.
shade adjective a slight difference in color. Different shades of paint.
shaft noun a long, straight part of something. A shaft of light.
shake verb v0 to tremble with fear, shock, or cold.
shame adjective an uncomfortable, guilty feeling about something you have done.
share verb to divide something into parts to give to others. They shared the melon.
shatter verb to ruin someone’s plans, or to make someone upset. The loss of their jobs shattered their dreams of buying a home.
sheer adjective complete or absolute. Sheer exhaustion.
shipwreck noun the remains of a ship that was destroyed at sea.