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star noun a shape with five or more points
star noun a famous actor, actress, or other performer.
state noun a group of people under one government. A state can be a whole country or part of a country.
station noun a building used by a public service, such as the police. A police station.
stay verb v0 to live somewhere for a short time. I went to stay with my cousin during the summer vacation.
stay verb v0 to continue to be in one state. It stayed sunny all week.
steady adverb continuous or unchanging. A steady fall of snow.
step verb a level surface for putting your foot on to help you climb up or down, usually as part of a staircase or ladder.
step verb a stage in a series of things to do. The first step in learning to swim is to enjoy being in the water.
stick noun something long and thin. A stick of chalk.
stick adjective to press a sharp point into something. He stuck a pin into the balloon.
stick adjective to project out. The bread stuck out of the basket.
stomach noun the outside part of your body at the front between your ribs and your hips.
stone noun a small, loose piece of rock. The field was full of stones.
stop verb to prevent something from happening The man stopped the boy from running into the road.
strain noun to pass something through a sieve in order to filter out larger pieces.
strand noun anything that looks like a rope or string. A strand of hair.
straw noun a hollow tube used for drinking liquids through.
stream noun a steady flow of something a steady flow of something.
stress noun an extra force laid on part of a word when speaking. In the word “stretcher,” the stress is on the first syllable.
stretch verb to straighten or reach out as much as you can with part of your body She stretched out her arms.
stretch verb to reach one place from another The road stretches all the way to the mountains.
strike verb to stop work in order to protest about something.
strong adjective powerful. Elephants are very strong.
structure noun the way that something is put together or organized. A company’s structure.
stuck verb The thorn stuck in her leg.
studio noun a room or building where television programs or movies are made.
study verb to learn about a subject from books and classes. She studied for her exams
style noun a fashion or design. What style of car is this?
such adjective so much. There was such a lot of decorating to do, that he didn’t know where to begin.