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tuck verb to cover up in a snug way. I like being tucked in bed.
turn verb v0 to change direction. He turned to see what was happening behind him. jtoy
turn verb v0 to become. His fingers turned blue with the cold.
turquoise noun the color of the stone turquoise.
twin noun one of two things that are exactly the same. adjective
type noun printed letters. This book has small type.
uncomfortable adjective causing an unpleasant feeling or slight pain. Uncomfortable shoes.
unconscious adjective done without thinking. He has an unconscious habit of scratching his chin.
unhealthy adjective bad for your health. It’s unhealthy to eat snacks all the time.
union noun a group of workers that join together to take care of the concerns of employees.
unit noun v0 a fixed amount used as a standard by which other things are measured. A foot is a unit of length.
upset adjective to knock something over. The cat upset the vase of flowers.
use noun v0 the state of being used. Steam trains are still in use in some areas.
vain adverb comparisons vainer vainest unsuccessful. They made a vain attempt to put out the fire.
valuable noun useful or worthwhile. Valuable help.
vapor noun steam, mist, or smoke in the air.
variety noun v0 a selection of different things The store had a variety of mugs for sale.
variety noun v0 a particular type. What variety of fruit is that?
verse noun a general name for poetry. He wrote a book of verse.
vessel noun v0 any kind of hollow container, usually for food. When it rained, they filled the vessels with water.
view noun v0 an opinion. In my view, more people ought to travel by train.
vocabulary noun v0 all the words that are known and used by a person.
volume noun v0 the amount of space inside something, or the amount of space that something fills. This pitcher’s volume is one quart.
volume noun v0 an amount. This road has a huge volume of traffic traveling along it.
want verb to need or require something. Do you want any help?
wardrobe noun a collection of clothes.
warm noun v0 friendly and kind. She gave us a warm welcome.
waste noun v0 to fail to use something. He wasted the sunny day by staying in bed all day.
wave noun a vibration of sound or light that travels through the air and moves in a similar way to a wave in liquid.
wave noun to move backward and forward. The branches waved in the strong wind. jtoy