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sum noun v0 an amount of money A new bike will cost you a large sum of money.
surf verb to explore the internet.
surgery noun a place where you go to see a doctor or dentist for treatment.
suspect noun to suppose that something is likely. I suspect it will rain.
suspicious adjective behaving in a way that makes people suspect you. A suspicious character was climbing into the house.
swear verb to speak rude or unpleasant words.
sweep verb to push away. The flood swept the car off the road.
sweet adjective very pleasant or kind. It was sweet of you to bring me flowers.
swirl verb v0 The boat and leaves swirled around as they floated downstream.
table noun v0 a list of facts or figures written in columns. A multiplication table.
tackle verb to seize and try to throw someone to the ground, usually in a sport such as football.
take verb to bring or lead. My parents took me to the movie theater.
take verb to make use of something. Take the first turn on the left.
tall adjective v0 having a particular height. He is 4 feet tall.
tank noun v0 a heavy vehicle with guns that moves along on metal belts instead of wheels.
tape noun a strip of plastic coated with magnetic powder that is used for recording sounds, video pictures, and computer information.
taste adjective the flavor of something when you have licked it or put it in your mouth. She tried the soup to see if she liked the taste.
temper noun an angry mood. She threw the book across the room in a temper.
tender adverb feeling sore when touched. The lion had a tender paw after stepping on a thorn.
tender adverb gentle and loving. He gave his baby a tender smile.
tense adjective stretched tight Tense muscles.
thick adjective v0 packed closely together. A thick forest.
thick adjective v0 having a certain measurement in width or depth. The plank was three inches thick.
thin adjective hardly covered A thin layer of snow covered the ground.
thin adjective not having much fat. A thin man
thing noun v0 an idea or an action. There are four things I want to do this evening.
tick verb the clicking sound of a clock. Each clock tick made me more nervous.
tie noun to score the same number of points as someone else in a contest. They tied for first place.
time noun a particular point in the day. What time is it?
time noun a period in the past, present, or future. In Roman times, many roads were built throughout Europe.