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way noun v0 a method. What is the right way to use a video camera?
way noun v0 a manner of behaving. She stared at him in a very rude way.
weave adjective v0 to move in and out between objects. The river weaves its way around the hills and down to the sea.
web noun a collection of pages linked electronically via the internet.
weigh verb v0 to have a certain weight. The package weighed half a pound.
weight noun v0 a piece of metal with a known heaviness, used with weighing scales to determine how much something weighs.
well adverb thoroughly. Water the plants well.
wet adjective v0 rainy Wet weather.
wet adjective v0 not yet dry Wet paint.
whine verb to complain unnecessarily The toddler whined about going to bed.
whisk verb v0 to beat a mixture lightly and quickly. Whisk the egg whites until they are stiff.
wide adverb v0 having a certain measurement from one side to the other. The carpet is ten feet wide.
wild adjective uncontrolled, violent, or crazy. The children went wild at the amusement park.
will noun v0 a document containing instructions about what should happen to a person’s possessions after his or her death.
will noun v0 determination. She had the will to win.
wind verb to turn in a curving way. They could see the car winding its way up the hill.
wing noun one of the large, flat parts on each side of an airplane that acts in a similar way to a bird’s wings.
wood adjective a group of trees growing together.
word noun v0 the group of letters you use to write down these sounds.
work noun v0 to do a job or task. My father works in a factory.
work noun v0 to operate efficiently. This washing machine is not working properly.
would verb v0 a word used to ask for something. Would you like some tea?
wreck verb He crashed into the stone post, wrecking the car.
wrong adjective bad It’s wrong to steal.
yesterday noun v0 I went to the zoo yesterday. yesterday.
youth noun young people in general. A place for the youth of the town to meet.
zipper verb Zippers are used to fasten clothing or bags.
crumble verb break or fall apart into small fragments, especially over a period of time as part of a process of deterioration jtoy
align verb place or arrange (things) in a straight line
traverse verb to cross or go through she traversed the forest jtoy