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accident noun something that goes wrong by chance He spilled the juice, but it was an accident
acid noun a sharp-tasting, sour liquid Some acids can burn you
address noun the building and area where someone lives or works
aim verb v1 to point an object at someone or something We aim to please. demo with cannon.js
against preposition v1 next to something, touching it Against the fence
robot noun a machine that can imitate some human actions. Robots are often used in factories, but can also be used in homes.
bulb noun the rounded glass part of an electric light
skull noun the bone frame of the head that protects the brain and supports the face.
ram noun a male sheep. They used the log as a ram to break down the door.
share verb to have or use together. They shared the melon.
rare adjective unusual or not common. A rare blue morpho butterfly
radioactivity noun the energy released by the center of atoms breaking up in some substances.. They tested for radioactivity outside the nuclear power plant
absorb verb to soak up. A sponge absorbs liquid
accordion noun a musical instrument that you squeeze to make a sound
abacus noun a frame with sliding beads, used for counting.
about preposition on the subject of. We talked about the play About to leave.
absurd adjective silly or ridiculous She looked absurd leaving for school in her pajamas.
accurate adjective exactly right A stop watch gives accurate time
abbreviation noun a short way of writing a word or a group of words “Ave.” is an abbreviation of “avenue.”
above preposition v1 over, or higher than something. Above her head jtoy
accent noun the way people say words. She had a foreign accent Café” is pronounced “kafay.”
ace noun a playing card that has one main symbol in the center
abdomen noun the part of an animal’s or a person’s body that contains the intestines and stomach
ability noun a talent for doing something. He had the ability to play many instruments at once.
abroad adverb in or to another country. She went abroad for her vacation.
absent adjective not there, or away He was absent from school because he had a cold.
accident noun something that goes wrong by chance. He spilled the juice, but it was an accident.
ache verb to feel a steady pain. Her tooth ached
acid noun a sharp-tasting, sour liquid Some acids can burn you
acorn noun the seed of an oak tree.