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apricot noun an edible fruit with soft flesh and a pit in its center.
armadillo noun a nocturnal mammal that lives in North and South America and eats insects, snakes, and frogs The armadillo’s body is protected by hard, bony plates
aquarium noun v1 a glass tank to keep fish and other water animals and plants in
arch noun a curved part of a building or bridge.
architect noun a person who designs buildings.
area noun a certain piece of ground or space, or part of a surface. This is a play area.
argue verb to talk angrily with someone because you disagree with them.
arithmetic noun the adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing of numbers.
arm noun the part of your body between your shoulder and your hand.
armchair noun a soft, padded chair with arms.
armor noun a suit of thick, metal plates worn long ago to protect knights in battle
army noun a group of people and machines that fight on land.
art noun the creation of something, often through drawing, painting, sculpture, or design.
around adverb v1 nearby. I left my bag around here.
around preposition v1 from place to place. We walked around the city.
arrange verb to plan something. She arranged to meet me at 10 o’clock.
arrest verb to catch hold of someone and officially accuse them of breaking the law.
arrive verb to come to a place. The plane arrivedat the airport. jtoy
coat noun an animal’s fur.
artery noun one of the tubes that carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body.
artificial adjective something false that is made to look like the real thing. an artificial flower
artist noun someone who creates pictures, sculptures, music, or other creative things.
ash noun the gray powder that is left behind after something has been burned. The female ash produces winged seeds
ashamed adjective feeling guilty about something you have done. She felt ashamed about teasing her little brother.
ask verb to try to find something out from someone. Ask your dad if you can come with us.
asleep adjective resting the whole body and mind with the eyes closed.
aspirin noun a type of medicine taken as a pill, used for relieving pain and fever.
assemble verb v1 to put something together. I assembled a model boat.
assist verb to help somebody. He assistedthe customer with his coat.
assortment noun v1 a collection of different types of the same thing. An assortment of buttons. jtoy