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ban verb to forbid people to do something. Smoking is banned on public transportation.
banana noun a tree fruit with a smooth, thick outer peel and a soft, edible center Bananas grow in hot, damp regions.
band noun a group of people who play music together.
bandage noun a strip of material that is used to wrap around a wound to keep it clean.
bang noun a sudden, loud noise. The firework went off with a loud bang.
bank noun a steep, sloping piece of ground, often on the side of a river
banner noun a large flag or piece of cloth that has a picture or a message on it.
bar noun v1 a long, narrow piece of metal.
barbecue noun a grill over an open fire that is lit outdoors and used for cooking meat, fish, or vegetables.
bargain noun something bought cheaply My shoes were a real bargainin the sale.
bare adjective without any covering.
bark noun the rough wood on the outside of a tree trunk.
bark verb to make a rough, loud noise like a dog.
barley noun a type of cereal grown on farms to make food and beer.
barn noun a large farm building used for storage or for keeping animals in.
barrel noun a large, rounded, wooden or metal container for storing beer and other liquids.
barrier noun a structure built to stop someone or something from passing through. The police placed a barrier across the road.
base noun the bottom of something
baseball noun a game for two teams of nine players, which started in the United States. The winning team is the one that scores the most runs
basement noun a floor in a building that is partly or completely below ground level
basin noun a large, bowl-shaped container used for holding water Basins are often used for washing
basket noun a container for carrying things in, usually made of cane, twigs, or straw.
basketball noun a team game with five players on each side. Points are scored by throwing a ball through a raised hoop called the “basket
bat noun a stick, often made of wood or metal that is used to hit a ball
bathtub noun a large tub for washing the whole of your body
baton noun a thin piece of wood or metal. Conductors of orchestras and band leaders use different types of batons to keep time.
battery noun a closed container of chemicals that makes and stores small amounts of electricity
battle noun a fight between two armies that are at war.
bawl verb to cry very loudly.
bay noun a deep, inward curve in a coastline or the edge of a lake.