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asthma noun an illness or allergy that can make breathing difficult.
astonish verb to amaze someone very much. She astonished the crowd by winning the race.
astronaut noun a person who is trained to travel into space.
astronomy noun the scientific study of stars and planets.
ate verb to eat I ate a whole loaf of bread yesterday.
athlete noun a person who takes part in races or sports competitions.
atlas noun a book of maps.
atmosphere noun the layer of air that surrounds the Earth.
atom noun a very tiny part of any substance.
attach verb v1 to fasten. Attached with a paper clip
attack verb to try to hurt a person or an animal. The wild dog attacked the flock of geese.
attempt verb to try to do something. They attempted to climb the wall, but had to give up.
attend verb to go to an event, or to go somewhere regularly. I attended school for 11 years.
attention noun listening carefully.Pay attention in class!
attic noun a room at the top of a house, usually in the space under the roof.
attract verb v1 to interest. The museum attractsmany visitors.
attractive adjective pleasing to the eye, mind, and senses.
audience noun the people who come to watch a show or concert.
aunt noun the sister of someone’s parent, or their uncle’s wife.
author noun a person who writes books, poems, or plays.
autograph noun a signature, usually of a famous person.
automatic adjective without thinking. Blinking is automatic.
automobile noun another name for a car.
autumn noun one of the four seasons. Autumn follows summer and comes before winter. It is the time when the leaves on some trees change color and fall to the ground.
avalanche noun a large amount of snow, rocks, and ice that suddenly slides down a mountain.
avenue noun a type of street It is often wide and sometimes has a line of trees down each side
average adjective ordinary. He was of average height for his age.
average noun a usual amount My grades were above average.
avocado noun a green, pear-shaped tree fruit with a leathery skin and smooth, creamy flesh.
avoid verb to keep away from something The car swerved to avoidthe dog. jtoy