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acrobat noun a person who performs gymnastics on a stage or in a circus.
across preposition from one side to the other. Across the bridge.
act verb to behave in a certain way. He was acting very strangel
action noun v1 anything that somebody does His quick action put out the fire.
activity noun energetic movement.
adapt verb to change something to suit a special purpose. This mug has been adapted so that a baby can drink from it.
add verb v1 to put one thing with another. Add cherries to the mixture jtoy
addict noun someone who cannot give up a habit that they have
address noun the building and area where someone lives or works.
adjective noun a word that is used to describe a noun.
adjust verb v1 to make a small change to something She adjusted her belt
admire verb to think that something is nice or good. She admired her new hair style
admit verb to say reluctantly that something is true A ticket admits you to the movie theater.
adopt verb to take a child into your home as part of your family.
adult noun a grown-up person.
advantage noun something that is useful to have Her long legs gave her an advantage
adventure noun something you do that is exciting and new Exploring the river was a real adventure.
adverb noun a word that describes a verb, adjective, or another adverb. The tortoise moved slowly.
advertisement noun words or pictures that try to persuade you to buy or to do something Advertisement can be shortened to “ad.”
advice noun suggestions to help you decide what you should do. Follow your dentist’s advice on brushing your teeth.
adviser noun someone who gives advice or makes suggestions. He was made student adviser.
aerial adjective in the air An aerial photograph.
aerobics noun energetic physical exercises that are done in time to music.
sunflower noun a tall plant with large, yellow fl owers. The seeds can be eaten or used to make cooking oil.
aerosol noun a can that forces out liquid in a fine spray.
affect verb to make something or someone different. The drought badly affected the harvest.
affection noun the feeling that you like someone very much
afford verb to have enough money to buy something We can afford to go away on vacation this year.
afraid adjective scared. He was afraid of mice.
after preposition later than It is after 8 o’clock