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afternoon noun the period of time between noon and evening.
again adverb v1 once more. The fans cheered when their team scored again.
against preposition v1 next to something, touching it Against the fence jtoy
age noun how old someone or something is The number of rings in a tree’s trunk show its age
aggressive adjective ready to attack Cats can be aggressive if they are frightened.
agony noun extreme pain The runner was in agony when he broke his leg
agree verb to think the same as someone else
agriculture noun farming. One form of agriculture in Thailand is rice growing.
aground adverb stranded on rocks or sand, or in shallow water The ship ran aground in the storm.
ahead adverb v1 in front. He walked on ahead of the others.
aid noun help. The helicopter came to the aid of the stranded walkers
aim verb v1 to point an object at someone or something. Aiming at the target
air noun the mixture of gases that plants and animals breathe. A layer of air surrounds Earth.
aircraft noun any vehicle that can fly
aircraft-carrier noun a ship for aircraft to take off from and land on.
airline noun a company that owns and flies aircraft.
airmail noun mail that is carried by airplane.
airport noun a place where people go to travel by airplane.
ajar adjective slightly open The door is ajar.
alarm noun a loud noise that warns you of something.
album noun a blank book for displaying pictures and other items. A photograph album.
alcohol noun a strong drink, such as wine or beer
alert adjective v1 watching and listening very carefully. The dog looked very alert.
alien noun something that seems strange or foreign
alike adjective v1 very similar. These brothers look alike.
alive adjective v1 living. Flowers need water to stay alive
all adjective v1 every part of, or everyone He ate all the cake himself
allergy noun an unpleasant reaction to something that doesn’t affect most people. He has an allergy to cats. allergic adjective
alligator noun a large reptile that lives in swamps and rivers. Alligators eat fish and other animals that come close to the water’s edge.
allow verb to let someone do something. Her parents allowed her to stay up and watch the program.