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ankle noun the joint between your leg and your foot.
anniversary noun a special event that is remembered every year on the same date Wedding anniversary
announce verb to say something for everyone to hear. I’m going,” he announced.
annoy verb to make someone irritated. The flies annoyed her. annoyance noun
annual adjective happening every year Independence Day is an annual holiday
anonymous adjective by an unknown author. An anonymous letter
another adjective v1 different. Do you have another pen? I think this one is broken.
answer verb to reply to a question
ant noun an insect that lives in large, organized groups. The males and egg-laying females have wings.
antelope noun a mammal that is found on dry plains in Africa and Asia Antelopes eat grass and other plants.
antenna noun a part on certain animals’ heads that is used for feeling
antibiotic noun a medicine that kills bacteria
antiseptic noun a substance put on cuts and grazes to prevent infection.
anxious adjective worried or nervous.
any adjective v1 some or every Anybody can do that, it’s easy!
apart adverb v1 away from each other, or separate. Standing with feet apart. jtoy
apartment noun a home that is made up of a set of rooms inside a larger building.
ape noun a mammal that lives in forests in warm regions and feeds on insects and fruit Apes have no tails and can walk on two legs.
apologize verb to say you are sorry
approve verb to think that something is right or good. Does your mom approve of your new shoes?
apparatus noun the equipment you need for a particular task. cientific apparatus
appear verb v1 to come into view. The Sun appeared from behind the clouds jtoy
appendix noun a very small part of your lower intestine.
appetite noun a desire for food. He has a huge appetite.
applause noun clapping and cheering The applause rang out as the team ran onto the field.
apple noun an edible fruit with a smooth skin and crisp flesh.
appointment noun a meeting at a certain time. A dental appointment.
appreciate verb to be grateful for something. She appreciated the flowers that her daughter sent her.
approach verb v1 to come near to something. The train slowed down as it approached the station. jtoy
approximate adjective almost accurate, or not exact The approximate number of marbles in the jar is 50.