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tin noun a metal container for putting things in or for preserving food.
tingle verb Carbonated drinks make my mouth tingle.
tip verb v0 to turn something over so that the contents fall out. She tipped the dirty water out of the bucket.
tip noun v0 a helpful hint or piece of useful information. Do you have any tips for getting rid of stains?
tip noun v0 a small, extra gift of money, given in return for a service. I left the waiter in the restaurant a tip.
tissue noun a material that makes up a part of a living thing Brain tissue.
title noun a person’s professional position. Her title was Senior Editor.
toast verb the action of wishing someone well by raising your glass and drinking. Let’s drink a toast to the bride and groom.
tooth noun v0 one of the pointed parts on an object such as a saw or a comb.
top noun a lid.
top noun a spinning toy.
toss noun v0 to throw a coin and guess which side will face up in order to decide something. We tossed a coin to see who should have the first turn.
tough adjective v0 very difficult. A tough problem.
trace verb v0 to follow or discover something by observing marks or clues. She traced her family’s history back three centuries.
track noun v0 a path or rough road. They drove the truck up a bumpy track.
track noun v0 a course used for races. They did four laps around the running track.
tragedy noun a play with a sad ending. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy.
trail verb v0 to walk or move slowly behind someone. The children trailed along behind their mother.
trail noun v0 a track, scent, or other sign left by something that has passed by. He left a trail of garbage behind him.
train noun v0 to teach or to learn a skill. He trained his dog to sit.
treat verb to try to make someone well. She treated the cut on his head.
treat verb noun
trial noun an experiment or test to see what something is like or to see if it works. The new sports car passed its trials successfully.
triangle adjective v0 a musical instrument. A triangle is played by hitting one of the metal sides with a small metal rod.
trick verb something done to fool someone.
trunk noun the main part of the body of a person or animal, not including the head, arms, and legs.
trunk noun the long nose of an elephant
try verb to test something to see if it works, or to put something on to see if it fits. She tried on the gloves.
try verb to decide in a trial, within a court of law, whether someone is innocent or guilty of a crime The court tried him for theft.
tube noun v0 a long, narrow container made of plastic or thin metal. The contents are removed by squeezing. tube of toothpaste