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ring verb to sound or press a doorbell. I rang the doorbell three times but no one answered the door.
rocket noun a type of firework that shoots into the sky and explodes.
rode verb She rode her horse last week.
roll verb v0 to tilt from side to side, like a ship on a rough sea.
roll noun v0 a rounded piece of bread or pastry bread rolls
roof noun v0 the highest surface inside your mouth or a cave.
room noun v0 space Is there any room in the car for me?
rope noun coil of rope
rough adjective v0 approximate, or not exact. A rough guess.
rugged adjective not regular, or tough and strong. The actor had a rugged face.
rugged adjective stormy Rugged weather.
ruin verb She ruined her top by spilling ink on it.
ruler noun a person, such as a king or queen, who rules a country.
run verb v0 to organize something. He runs a swim club.
safe noun v0 not dangerous A safe driver.
sale noun an event where things are sold at reduced prices. Half-price sale!
same adjective v0 mentioned or seen before He looks like the same person who was there yesterday
satellite noun an artificial device in space that receives and transmits information around the world An Earth observation satellite.
save verb v0 to not waste Save power—turn off the light!
save verb v0 to keep something to use later He saved all his allowance.
say verb v0 to give a message The sign says “No Entry.”
scale noun a set sequence of musical notes going from the highest to the lowest, or from the lowest to the highest.
scale noun a small, hard plate on the skin of a fish, insect, or reptile (see fish on page 79, insect on page 108, reptile on page 168)
scare verb to make someone else frightened. The bear appeared suddenly and scared him.
scene noun v0 a part of a play or film, set in a particular time or place.
scene noun v0 a view. A winter scene.
scenery noun an artificial background used in a play or a film.
scent noun perfume
scheme noun a way of arranging things. A color scheme.
scramble verb v0 to mix together. Scrambling an egg.