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ram verb a device for pushing against something with force. They used the log as a ram to break down the door.
ran verb a 400-meter race. She ran a bookstore.
rate noun v0 a level of payment. The vacation resort charges high rates for its apartments.
rather adverb preferably She’d rather have fruit than cake.
raw adjective not experienced. A raw recruit.
raw adjective painful to touch. A raw wound.
reach verb to arrive at a place. After a long trek they reached the other side of the island.
rear verb v0 to rise up on the back legs. A rearing horse.
reckon verb to work out the amount of something.
record verb to write down information on paper.
record noun information that is written or printed. She kept a record of the day’s events in her diary.
record noun the fastest or best performance in an activity or sport. They tried to beat the record for the number of people who can stand on a chair.
recover verb to get something back. He recovered his hat from the lake.
reflect noun v0 to give back, or show, an image of something or someone. His face was reflected in the mirror.
regular adverb even in shape or sound. These wooden cubes are regular shapes.
relief noun help given to people who need it.
remain noun to be left behind.
remain noun to stay unchanged. She remained calm while everyone else panicked.
replace noun to exchange or renew. He replaced his bicycle with a bigger, more expensive one.
replay verb to play a recording of something again.
reserve noun They reserved a table at the restaurant for 8 o’clock.
respect verb politeness
responsible adjective in charge of something. The boy was responsible for feeding his dog
rest verb something that is left over. Most people left yesterday, but the rest went this morning
rest verb when something is still. The ball came to rest at the teacher’s feet.
return noun v0 to give something back to a person. She returned the book he had lent her.
revolution noun v0 a time when people fight to change the government of their country. The French Revolution.
rich adjective having a lot of something. Milk is rich in calcium.
ride noun to travel on anything that moves. Riding on a Ferris wheel
right noun v0 correct or lawful. The right answer.